"DOCTOR HARVERY'S PLEASANT WATER-CIDER, WHEREOF HE USED TO DRINK MUCH, MAKING IT HIS ORDINARY DRINK" according to Sir Kenelm Digby Knight (1603-1665). Sir Kenelm would have been a contempary of the Fat Knight, Sir John Falstaff, himself (if he weren't a literary character).

"Take one Bushel of Pippins, cut them into slices with the Parings and Cores; boil in twelve Gallons of water, till the goodness of them be in the water; and that consumed about three Gallons. Then put it into an Hypocras-bag, made of Cotton; and when it is clear run out, and almost cold, sweeten it with five pound of Brown-sugar, and put a pint of Ale-yest to it, and set it a working two night and days: Then skim off the yest clean, and put it into bottles, and let it stand two or three days, till the yest fall dead at the top: Then take it off clean with a knife, and fill it up a little within the neck (that is to say, that a little about a fingers breadth of the neck be empty, between the superficies of the Liquor, and the bottom of the stopple) and then stop them up and tye them, or else it will drive out the Corks. Within a fortnight you may drink of it."

You'll be glad to know that we use a slightly more modern process to make our Fat Knight Cider.

Fat Knight Cider
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